Heats, soothes and relaxes tired muscles,
comforts aches and pains.

Our Values

Everybody can provide products and technology these days, but not everybody can offer the perfect solution for your business success. Through complete dedication and understanding of our customers and markets we are fully committed to offering a direct marketing service that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

We consider ourselves not simply as consultants and providers of direct marketing activities but partners who share the responsibility for results.

Our Brands

The Kosmodisk brand is offering to the customer added value, not just a product - the solution to their problems as a combination of a product, service and development of a mutual long-term relationship. Kosmodisk is a patent protected system that has helped many people all over the world overcome their spine and/or back problems in the course of more than 17 years. More about Kosmodisk. You can also check for other Studio Moderna brands by clicking the links below:




Who We Are

Studio Moderna Group is the leading player in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) providing multi-channel solutions (direct response television, wholesale & retail, internet, print) to B2C customers by offering recognizable products (as seen on TV) as well as developing, marketing and distributing its own branded products (Kosmodisk, Dormeo, Bigfish) with over 17 years of knowledge and experiences. We efficiently support our most valuable asset – the customer through unique one-to-one approach across each and every of 20 market. More about Studio Moderna.

Customer Contact Centre

Access experienced and dedicated customer contact management services in 20 languages. Studio Moderna's Customer Contact Centres are located throughout the 20 CEE markets. Our core expertise is our unique combination of local knowledge and western skills, coupled with state-of-the art technology infrastructure, exceptional quality management practices and world-class facilities.

Fulfilment and Logistics

Provide the highest level of reliability, quality, control and accuracy. Studio Moderna's experienced fulfilment and logistics teams in 20 CEE markets allow us to deal with even the most complex fulfilment programmes for our clients.

Direct Response TV

Access 280 hours of daily airtime on more than 260 TV-stations across the region. Studio Moderna's broad range of direct response marketing services enables us to provide profitable solutions across all marketing levels. Creating direct marketing strategies, creative concepts and production, program and media management, positioning and structuring of the offer through telemarketing, fulfilment, and back-end strategies.

Marketing / Creative solutions

Ensure a tangible and measurable return on investment from each campaign. Our key strength is combining local knowledge with our sophisticated western approach. We are uniquely positioned to implement marketing campaigns across 20 different markets.