Heats, soothes and relaxes tired muscles,
comforts aches and pains.



KOSMODISK® products provide safe, effective and simple back pain solutions. Products with the unique KosmodiskSystem™ of ribs are clinically tested devices, designed by experts to relieve or remedy pain in the spine and back area. Combined test results show up to 80% improvements in back pain. Working at the very point of pain, the KosmodiskSystem™ of ribs provides gentle, soothing relief as you work, relax or even exercise during daily life.

The KosmodiskSystem™ of ribs works due to its shape, and does not use any additional energy sources, such as magnets or batteries. KOSMODISK® products can also be successfully combined with many therapeutic methods, both traditional and alternative.


The KOSMODISK® products work due to their shape, and do not use any additional energy sources, such as magnets or batteries.

The unique shape of the hypoallergenic nylon vertebrae node was designed to work along with your own. The configuration of the nodes supports the length of your spine with gentle pressure, just as the fingers of an osteopath or a physiotherapist

KOSMODISK® is a registered trademark of Studio Moderna SA corporation.
Starting with single product in 1992 KOSMODISK® is currently developing 5 product lines under the brand.

KOSMODISK products

KOSMODISK® products have helped many people all over the world overcome their spine and/or back problems in the course of more than 17 years.

The family of satisfied Kosmodisk users kept growing and today we can proudly claim to be present in 20 countries.

The key to the success of the Kosmodisk marketing strategy lies in its integrated marketing mix using various media and sales channels such as DRTV (direct response television), print (newspapers, magazines, etc.), radio, direct mailing, back-end marketing, the Internet, catalogue, retail and wholesale and public relations. The testimonials of our satisfied users are the core of the Kosmodisk brand strategy.

Every country represents a unique challenge, which is why we take into consideration the local customs, and individual market preferences, characteristics and differences, and therefore we’ve been able to apply global marketing strategy to any local level.

We invite you to join us and become a member of the internationally successful Kosmodisk team.


KOSMODISK® Brand protection


With purchase of the original KOSMODISK® product you get 100% guarantee on quality and safety of the product. To ensure you get a true KOSMODISK® product, shop only from one of our authorized distributors and retailers, or through our website http://www.shop.kosmodisk.com. Be aware that the warranty is not valid if the product turns out to be counterfeit.

If you think you've seen counterfeit or fake KOSMODISK® products, please contact us on legal.kosmodisk@studio-moderna.com.

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Vision, Positioning & Personality


To be the global recognizable friendship brand in back care field.

KOSMODISK® Brand Positioning

KOSMODISK® products offer complete SAFE, EFFECTIVE & SIMPLE solutions for back pain sufferers regardless of age, gender or profession with unique Kosmodisk system to help people in achieving their dreams. Your True Constant Companion & Friend!

KOSMODISK® Brand Personality

Kosmodisk forms relationships based on EMOTIONS.


Benefits & Claims

30 DAYS Money-Back Guarantee
We offer a 30-day money back guarantee to every Kosmodisk purchase. If the customer is not satisfied with any kind of KOSMODISK® product, no matter what the reason is, the distributor is obliged to refund the money.


The KOSMODISK® products dp not use any additional energy sources such as magnets or batteries.
Combined test results show up to 80% improvements in back pain.
The unique and patent protected shape of the hypoallergenic nylon vertebrae node was designed to work along with your own. The configuration of the nodes supports the length of your spine with gentle pressure, just as the fingers of an osteopath or a physiotherapist.


GOLD MEDAL CECIF– Brussels, 1991
GOLD MEDAL INPEX VII – Pittsburgh, 1991
GOLD MEDAL ICEPEC – Brussels, 1991
OSCAR ICEPEC – Brussels, 1992


KOSMODISK® is European brand present on the market for 18 years. We have been constantly investing in development, marketing and production of Kosmodisk products with protected Kosmodisk® system.

LIFE TIME WARRANTY on patent protected KosmodiskSystem™ of ribs.


History & Milestones

Branislav Stojanović, inventor from Serbia, introduces piece of oddly shaped white plastic, named KOSMODISK. Being very convincing - he let “the story of success” unfold. The results of clinical tests were more than favourable, so the first TV-spot with the slogan: “It looks silly, but it works!”, was prepared. First TV testimonial was Vesna Vulović, the stewardess who was the sole survivor of the JAT airplane crash back in 70’. After that testimony Kosmodisk® becomes a smash hit in Serbia.

Newly established company Studio Moderna from Slovenia buys Kosmodisk® patent. With live presentations in major cities and three weeks money back guarantee Kosmodisk® makes people on the sunny side of the Alps excited as well. Not overnight, but through a clear strategy. The first issue of Kosmodisk® newspaper was published, and the word of the “incredible device” that helps the young and the old, had been spread from mouth to mouth.

Austrian insurance company Merkur, known for marketing reputable medical accessories, places the Kosmodisk® in their catalogue. A major research is conducted and confirmed the Kosmodisk’s positive effect on people with low back pain. It also proved that the Kosmodisk® had no side effects. Kosmodisk® becomes a friend of numerous Slovenian top athletes. The first issue of a magazine for a healthy living (Viva) was published, which was the successor of the Kosmodisk® newspaper.

1994 THE 10.000th SATISFIED USER
Kosmodisk® becomes the official supplier of Slovenian alpine skiers. The brand expands to another country – Croatia. At that moment, more than 10.000 people were using Kosmodisk®.

1995 - 1996 NEW PRODUCT
The ambitions grow bigger, therefore Kosmodisk® found its way to Macedonia and Bulgaria. The goal remains the same: “global strategy  local execution”. In these two countries Kosmodisk® yet today is very popular and virtually without competition. Later on, Kosmodisk® Quattro - special model for the car was introduced.

The Kosmodisk® expands northeast. New localized TV-spots with satisfied users were produced. The local production is on a high level. In Poland the first 28-minute infomercial is shot, and as the result, the yearly sales are increased six fold.

After the sanctions against the FRY have been lifted and people hardly make both ends meet, the Kosmodisk® sales in this region have increased month by month. It was a phenomena beyond explanation.

Kosmodisk® finally took on the World Wide Web. New media were joined by new sales channels. The network of retail points (pharmacies, specialized stores with orthopedic aids) has become extremely important. This was a successful year by the sales and by the opening of new markets as well (Czech Republic, Italy).

Kosmodisk® enters 7 new markets (Estonia, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania) including Russia and USA. The demanding American market calls for modifications. The new, improved Kosmodisk® is developed (Kosmodisk® Classic Set).

Year by year, users become more demanding, and despite the improvements, the classic version of Kosmodisk® cannot satisfy all. New model for the active population was developed (Kosmodisk® Active).

2005 – 2006 PRODUCT LINES
Kosmodisk® has changed its overall presence by re-designing the logotype and introducing 5 product lines under the Kosmodisk® family – CLASSIC, ACTIVE, PRESTIGE, SUPPORT and LIFE in its form. The improved Kosmodisk® web site comes to life as well.

Several new products for massage has been launched, since massage therapy has become an important part of general health care for many people living in today’s stressful world. Also several new products that support, protect and relieve pain of the knee, ankle or wrist joint complemented the Kosmodisk® family portfolio.

Back pain is one of the diseases of the “modern” age. It doesn’t discriminate between the old and the young, the men and the women, the tall and the short. And so doesn’t the Kosmodisk®. Why not keep the story going on!?