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Marketing support system

How would you like to expand your offer with the KOSMODISK® brand?

The distributors are supported by proven marketing strategy concept combining training and promotional material, with regular opportunity for informal discussions with Kosmodisk International Team.

We can offer you quick delivery and help you with promotional material in your store, preparing print and video advertisements, providing you with specific trainings and information how to develop Kosmodisk brand strategy in your market.

If you have an online store, we can quickly adapt the Kosmodisk brand material for your site. Are you in the catalog business? We already have print templates ready for the adaptation according your specific needs.

You can also find some visual examples of promotional material available for your use below:

  • All products are in attractive and functional retail packaging
  • General B2B and B2C catalogs can also include your business information
  • B2C oriented brochures, leaflets, posters, etc.
  • Store decorating or exhibition roll-up posters
  • Specialized product stands for the best product positioning in your store (examples of bigger stand and smaller near cashier)
  • Torso model for product demonstration
  • And much more.

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Business Opportunity

Health Expenditure

  • Back related product market potential varies from 3-6% of total population.
  • Four out of five people have back pain sometime in their lives. 30% become chronic back pain sufferers.
  • Back pain affects whole body, including mind (physical & psychological aspect).
  • Next to colds, back pain problems are the most frequent cause of lost work time.
  • Back problems recur; once you have had one injury you are five times more likely to have another. It affects you and your family.
  • Among reasons is sedentary life style, stressful way of life etc.
  • Aging population / seniors are the fastest growing population worldwide.
  • The sheer number of people affected with back pain makes it a very costly condition with considerable burden to the individual and society.

Cost of back pain

The direct and indirect financial costs of low back pain are substantial in all developed countries. Estimates for the cost of back pain in different health and social systems are not directly comparable (Dagenais, S., Caro, J., and Haldeman, S., 2008). For the UK we often refer to the study by Maniadakis and Gray. They estimated that the direct costs of back pain are £1632 million and the indirect costs a staggering £10,668 million. However this data is from 1998. The economic climate has changed and there has been inflation since then. It is difficult to estimate effect of the first two of these factors on current cost of low back pain. The UK retail price index, however, increased by 28.8% in the ten years to July 2008 (Office for National Statistics., 2008).

A more recent report from the US states that back pain takes 10th place in the list of most costly medical conditions, reporting more than $35000 million (Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, 2007). However this is only based on the direct medical costs. Including indirect costs (costs due to lost productivity) would mean that back pain moves up considerably. For example the Health and Safety Executive estimates that back pain is the second most common reason for sick leave.


Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, 2007

Four out of five people have back pain sometime in their lives. 30% become chronic back pain sufferers.

Primary Target Audience:

  • Back Pain Sufferers (chronic & occasional)
  • Age: 40 – 70 (male & female)
  • Different income groups
  • Occupation: seniors, physical workers, drivers, office workers, young mothers & pregnant women
  • Educational background: secondary school

Secondary Target Audience:

  • Younger back pain sufferers (25 – 40)
  • Elderly people 70+
  • Amateur & professional athletes
  • Business people (managers)
  • Doctors and physiotherapists

Become a Distributor

Welcome to Kosmodisk’s opportunity to develop your business and meet your market needs. If you are a wholesaler, retailer, cataloger or e-retailer you can upgrade your offer and provide your clients with unique KOSMODISK® products and other premium-brand products of health and back care category, all backed by the Kosmodisk 30-days satisfaction guarantee.

How to become a distributor?

Fill up our Distribution Information Sheet and become Kosmodisk Distributor in you region.

What are the benefits?

  • SAFE, EFFECTIVE and SIMPLE SOLUTION for back pain sufferers
  • UNIQUE and ORIGINAL (Kosmodisk® system)
  • GREAT MARKET POTENTIAL of back care products
  • 5 PRODUCT LINES & more than 20 products
  • Over 17 YEARS existence on the markets
  • OVER 1,000,000 satisfied users worldwide
  • Close COLLABORATION and professional TRAINING PROGRAMS to develop and maximize your business potential
  • Future-proofed with ongoing DEVELOPMENTS and constant IMPROVEMENTS to process

Fill up our Distribution Information Sheet and become Kosmodisk Distributor.