KOSMODISK® Brand Protection

Authenticity Statement

Since its beginnings in 1991, KOSMODISK® has become one of the most recognized brands in the back care field, offering consumers safe, effective and simple back pain solutions.

As KOSMODISK® growths and extends, counterfeits and unauthorized distributors and retailers are making fake KOSMODISK products, cheap knockoffs that are often mistaken for an authentic one.

The only way to experience the benefits of a true KOSMODISK® product is by heading to one of our authorized distributors or retailers or shopping our official website (http://www.shop.kosmodisk.com).

KOSMODISK products that are most likely to be counterfeited are products with unique and patent protected shape of the vertebrae node - Kosmodisk Classic, Kosmodisk Active and Kosmodisk Prestige products – manufactured originally in Slovenia, EU.

IMPORTANT: If you think you have counterfeit or fake product, have been told you purchased an original KOSMODISK product (Example: Kosmodisk Classic Set/Spine Massager or Kosmodisk Active Sports Belt) when in fact it is a knock-off product or brand, or have seen our products other than in one of our authorized distributors or retailers, let us know! You can email us at brand.protection@studio-moderna.com. We appreciate your help.


How do I make sure I am purchasing true KOSMODISK® products?

There are 2 ways to purchase original KOSMODISK® products:

NOTE: You may find KOSMODISK products on other websites, auction sites or in stores, but you can only find true, original KOSMODISK® products with 100% guarantee & warranty from one of these three places. If you find a KOSMODISK® product in any other place than these, then beware most likely it's not the real, original one! Authentic and original KOSMODISK® products are also not sold by street or door-to-door vendors.

To make sure you bought original KOSMODISK® product we have established registration process. From January 2012 KOSMODISK products with the authentic KosmodiskSystem™ of ribs carry an unique serial number that precisely identifies product you‘ve just purchased. Check the registration process here.

Risk and Warranty Policy

We guarantee 30 days MONEY BACK return policy and WARRANTY only for the original KOSMODISK® products when purchased through authorized places. You can not refer to that policy and return KOSMODISK products that you bought on eBay or any other auction site, or any other unauthorized distributors and retailers. If you do find products listed on eBay they are most likely not originals, used, or from an unauthorized retailer.

Be extra cautious when purchasing products from online sources – particularly online auctions – as it is favorite »venue« for selling counterfeit products.

We are doing anything and everything we can to protect our customers and KOSMODISK® brand. If you think you have seen counterfeit KOSMODISK products or have been told a knock-off brand is a KOSMODISK product, let us know. Send us an email at brand.protection@studio-moderna.com.